Ever felt stuck in your head? Frozen by fear?
It doesn't have to be that way!

Ignite your Genius:

The One Day Breakthrough Experience

  • Understand and embody your innate value - So that you can say goodbye to that doubting voice in your head!
  • Navigate your relationships from courageous authenticity - So that you can experience deep connection and personal well-being no matter what goes on around you!
  • See how stress occurs and how to transform it - So that you can experience every challenge as a growth opportunity and experience ongoing vitality and calm!

Hello there!

I am Bert Bennett, and my passion is facilitating deep and profound Breakthrough Experiences, for gifted and uniquely perceptive individuals.

These breakthroughs allow you to transform how you are living in your heart in the world. Instead of holding onto, or pushing against, fear, overwhelm and limitations, you will tenderly embody your innate value in all your relationships - especially with yourself!

This Breakthrough Experience offers a release from how you are currently limiting and arresting your capacity to live in beauty in the world. Isn't it time to set yourself free?

And most exciting of all, after having gone through this life changing breakthrough experience, you will be able to dramatically expand into the expression of your massive potential and enjoy a life of passion, purpose and love!!

So, if you are:

- Done listening to your inner critic ...

- Done living empty successes ...

- Done creating unfulfilling relationships ...

...then I am extending an invitation for you to have a discovery conversation with me, and see if we can make a plan that takes you to the meaningful successes, the beautiful relationships, and the tender inner experience that you've been waiting for!

Then, Together we can deepen your  understanding of your innate value and your deepest care, freeing you to lovingly navigate your life to the zone of health and well-being.

Following the Breakthrough Experience you'll get all the support you need in order to fulfil your vision and build momentum to realizing your biggest dreams.

You're getting everything you need in order to hit the reset button and rewire your nervous system for full on aliveness!

Acting powerfully from your number one asset, a balanced heart-mind!!

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What outcomes have occurred from a breakthrough day?

  • Cathartic release of internalized repression, rejection, and resistance
  • Resolution of addictions
  • Redefined meaning and purpose
  • Realization of heartfelt knowing who you are
  • Discovering personal peace
  • Dramatically expanded capacity to participate in tender loving connection
  • Resolved self-imposed limitations
  • Expanded understanding of love and courage
  • And much more…

Watch two of Berts clients describe the breakthrough experience in these videos

Discover Your Massive Potential!

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Privacy 100% Guaranteed